Within These Walls ***Trigger Warning***

We journeyed there by car, alone

Plumes of tobacco smoke spiralling backwards

To my rear seat, nauseating and choking

Just me and him. Just him and me

And no-one to witness


The man attacked me by way of a heinous crime

In the darkest, secreted turret corners

He raped me, his child

Young and once virginal

Pinned down on the hard stone floor


The walls of the abbey, barely erect

Its sharp, flint surfaces

The chill in the air

Pinching naked skin

And I implored, “please daddy, don’t”


“Please daddy, don’t, please daddy”

But daddy did, and daddy didn’t listen

My malnourished body

Being forced, held down

Onto to the clandestine foundation’s ruins


No care for his child;  he, my flesh and blood

My father, my guardian, my keeper, my jailer

I, the prisoner, captured, trapped

Cornered like a frightened rabbit

Caught in the glare of the headlights on a dim night


As the fox prowls, searching out his prey

Quietly, furtively

What chance stands the rabbit?

What chance stood i?

A hapless victim, baited unwillingly


A wolf in sheep’s clothing

As I watched it approach

Stealthily, silently, under false guises

But then it went for the kill, and I, a mere child

Could do nothing to stop the brutal attack


Malevolent, iniquitous deeds on one so young

And the perpetrator, my father

And I, a mere slip of a thing

Contaminated by his lechery

Debauched exploitation of the worst kind.



3 thoughts on “Within These Walls ***Trigger Warning***

  1. Thank you so much but i am only less than one week into blogging and haven’t got a clue what to do with it!! Also thanks so much for your comment on my above post and am sending very many hugs your way xxx

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