For my dear blogging friends:  I have had to strongly edit my last post after i received a comment which sickened me to my stomach and which i trashed immediately as i could hardly believe what i was reading. I’m not going to go into details but he was obviously someone who got a ‘kick’ out of my attack and treated it like a bit of pornography (sick bastard!). It came as a real insult to me and made me feel even more ashamed, so i will not be writing about those sort of personal experiences again. This has stopped me in my tracks and i am having to think very carefully about continuing to blog or not. I didn’t ‘Trash’ the whole of my post because of the kind support and comments i received from you all and i didn’t want to Trash those. I hope i haven’t caused any offence to any of you by my actions.


I saw this image and it really sums up how i am feeling right now.



  1. Oh my dear, Please don’t stop writing. I can’t believe that someone in the blogging world would be so cruel. Please don’t stop. We need you. This is a place we are supposed to go for safety, hopefully the rest of the time it will be. I am saying a prayer for you right now and hope that you have a wonderful day out of the reach of the enemy. Meghan

  2. Thank you, Meghan. I really appreciate your encouraging words and your prayer. I am really shocked by what has happened and although it may not stop me writing at all, i think it will certainly deter me from writing anything so personal. I will try and have as good as a day as i can although i feel quite shaken up. Thank you for your kind sentiments though xx

  3. Oh 😦 my heart is aching for you. You desperately need an outlet and you desperately need support. For every asshole who posts inappropriately, 100 of us are here to back you up and support you. Don’t let this man victimize you. Is there a way to block him or report? I know how vulnerable you feel and would be so devastated if this happened… However, you are strong. Hugs

    1. Thank you so much for understanding how i feel. This incident has really shaken me up and made me wonder what sort of assholes, as you say, could be following our heart wrenching blogs. It’s hard enough to write about our experiences without being the target of somebody’s sick mind. I am now too scared to write any more about my abuse and experiences of rape. I am trying to find a way to block him but i don’t think that this is possible in the blogging world. Thank you lots for your hugs and encouragement to continue writing. Hugs too xxx

  4. Sweety, Just from a survivor’s point of view, never give your power over to the abuser. I have people that share many sick posts on my blog but I do moderate my posts so that they dont make it to my reader’s. Please make it a point to heal as you will become strong and things that abuser’s say will not effect you. Love You and Many Hugs xxx TBH

  5. Thank you for your loving and caring comment..I value your advice. My comments from others, get printed on my page automatically – i don’t seem to have the option to moderate. Looking forward to following your blog. Many thanks. Hugs, Ellie xxx.

  6. My dear. My heart has been aching for you for days. The post about your children, the posts about what that man did to you. I am so sorry. I am finding myself, in my feeble faith, praying to God on your behalf. Hugs to you, my dear friend.

  7. Oh,my friend, it’s so sweet of you to care so much and thank you very much for your prayers – that does mean a lot to me as i am a Christian and go to church regularly and that it is an important part of my survival .I too, pray for you as you have had so much pain in your life as well, and i think of you often. My love to you, hugs. Ellie xxx

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