DDNOS… Baby Emily has come back!

We’re so happy! Emily has come back, baby Emily. We thought she died six years ago. My friend helped me to find her. I love my friend. Emily has got clothes on now, a clean nappy and a white babygrow. She’s not crying now she’s sucking her thumb. We don’t know where she’s been all this time. We have our family back after all this time.


I’m exhausted. I started sucking my thumb and holding my teddy close to me and i don’t where i went but we found baby Emily! She isn’t dead. She’s come back. She’s started whimpering – she’s hungry. We have some milk in the fridge and we have a bottle for her we got a long time ago so we can give her some milk. I can feed her. She likes me. I’m Chloe. i love emily. i am giving her a cuddle and she smiled at me.

My friend just sent us a gift for Emily. It’s very special. I love my friend very much – she helped us find emily again when we thought she had died but she hadn’t. Think she’s just been sleeping after she got so tired from hiding. I wonder if anyone else is hiding.  Now we have our family, emily, Chloe, Caroline and Liz and Gut but we don’t like him. He’s cross now because we are happy now baby has come home to us, baby Emily. She’s smiling. She used to cry all the time before she died.Gut is shouting at Chloe – she hasn’t done anything wrong. We’ve always been frightened of Gut. He bullies us. He’s gone away now. We’re glad. Now we are all safe and we are all happy.


Hugs and cuddles, my dear friends, love Ellie xxx

4 thoughts on “DDNOS… Baby Emily has come back!

  1. Thank you xx My friend sent us a play-centre, wipes, baby bath, a cuddly which Emily loves and other lovely things. She’s a lovely friend! We have bought our little one a pink blanket, a bottle and a dummy. We want to get her a little teddy to sleep with at night and at naptime xxx

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