An Apologetic Love Letter.

Beautifully and movingly written by a blogging friend x

Write to Live

My dear future someone,

Part of me fears to meet you, to know you, to love you. Even as my eyes see you for the first time, even as my heart skips a beat, even as we murmur our first “hellos,” I will be terrified. Because loving you will mean giving you my heart, that is, what’s left of it.

You see, my heart is in pieces. It hasn’t been whole in many years. Long ago, I broke it. As if with a hammer, I smashed it into tiny pieces. In the past, people have hurt me, used me and I was tired of giving them that power. By breaking my heart, by tearing it apart, I thought I was saving myself. I believed everyone else to be the enemy when the true danger was always me and only me.

I broke my own heart so that no one else would have the chance…

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