Hickman Line – what is it and why do I have one?

This is the young lady who I wrote my post ‘Admiration & Respect’ (a couple of days ago). Love to you, Jo xxx ❤

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Most of you will have seen the transparent dressing on my upper chest, and the white plastic line underneath it. This is my Hickman line.

What is a Hickman Line?
In technical terms, it’s a tunnelled central line.

Central because the tip of the line sits either just in, or just above my heart (that’s pretty central, no?). To get the line to that spot, it was inserted into a vein in my neck and just gently pushed through the vein until it arrived at my heart. All roads lead to Rome; all veins lead to the heart (with one exception, in case my pedantic medic friends are reading this).

If the line had been left like this, it would be just a ‘normal’ central line.

This is a 'normal' central line This is a ‘normal’ central line

These are used in hospitals all the time (usually in intensive care units). However, because the line comes…

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