Why I Believe Halloween Is Jesus’ Birthday

A really interesting and thought-provoking point of view. Well worth reading 🙂

Finding Hope's Sunshine


Many of you may be shaking your head right now at my title. “What? Where did you come up with that nonsense?” You are saying this as you read my words. I know.  Well, give me a minute and hear me out and then you can come up with how you personally feel about this idea.

First of all, we as Christians traditionally celebrate Christmas, or the birth of Christ on December 25. (Crazy thing I just learned is that many Muslims celebrate the day too, just because it is fun, even though they leave Christ out of it.) Growing up, I was told that we really don’t know what day Christ was born, but that we’ve always celebrated it then. That is just the way it is. (For those of you interested, look at the many holidays around the world and see how many of them have a celebration of…

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