On Sunday, after church, my wheelchair started going wrong. It just about limped home as if it had lost a wheel and then conked out! “Oh, great!”, I thought – now I’m stuck indoors until I can get it repaired……..

It’s Thursday today and I haven’t been out since then and I’ve already missed the first session of a new college course and a church meeting. The wheelchair mechanic came out this morning with two new big batteries, took the old ones off and replaced them with the new shiny ones. He was here a couple of hours and tested the charger too and then said it should be fine. So, I thought I’d get out for some fresh air and to get a few bits in town so I confidently set off and trundled down the hill and then on reaching the cycle path, I bombed off at top speed as I usually do!


I got to the end of the cycle path, then halfway down the next road and past the bend when suddenly the amber flashing warning light came on! I stopped abruptly and thought to myself, “oh, ‘#$*%£&’. I fished into my handbag, tossing out an old house brick and the kitchen sink and delved to the bottom where I found my mobile phone. I rang the workshop and spoke to the mechanic again who said not to go any further (obviously!) and to try and make it back home to my house, (up the steep hill). I looked ahead of me and wondered if my wheelchair (named Charley, by the way, female Charley that is, not male, because women are better drivers, of course!!!), would make it. The mechanic had said if I broke down, to phone him back and he’ll come out to me.

So about turn, and this time I drove carefully around the bend in the road and took it slowly along the cycle path. Now for the hill….Charley huffed and puffed, gradually limping up the road with by now, the red warning light flashing! “C’mon Charley…you can do it”, I said out loud much to the amusement of the two teenagers walking past me at the time. I didn’t think I would make it home but I did. When I got to the door’s threshold, I thought I was home, safe and dry but no, I was wrong! I was stuck! The chair just didn’t have enough ‘oomph’ left in it to go any further. I tried again but again it was no good. Finally, I decided to give it one more final go and revved it up as high as it would go and suddenly, whoosh, we lurched forward, over the threshold at top speed, nearly knocked the front door off its hinges and hurtled down the hallway towards the cloakroom…

speed cloud

We stopped just in the nick of time! Any further and I would have been catapulted headfirst down the toilet in front of me!! Phew! That was close. I eventually got myself into my living-room, phoned the mechanic (again) who very kindly said he would come out tomorrow afternoon to collect my poor Charley and supply me with a loan wheelchair to get me to church on Sunday.

I’ll have to miss college again tomorrow but hey, I’m home in the warm and what’s more I don’t have my head stuck down the toilet thus requiring the fire brigade to attend!!

NEXT INSTALMENT – Sunday morning…..look out world, here I come…………

6 thoughts on “LIMPING CHARLEY

  1. LOL – oh dear – I know I shouldn’t be laughing at any of this – but Ellie, it’s the humourous way you have told this tale! At least there were no fatalities (thankfully) other than Charlie. Perhaps a touch of the flu? Here’s hoping you will be up and mobile in your own chair soon and in the mean time, drive safely in your loaner.

    1. Lol…Thanks for your get well wishes, Mj – I can see the funny side of it too! The whole event was really quite comical. Charley is now at the ‘wheelchair hospital’ and is due for surgery on Monday! The front door is rather bruised and highly offended, and the loo is still getting over the shock lol! As for me, I’m fine and very apologetic about the way I spoke to Charley so offensively; the loan chair (who shall remain nameless) is a tatty old thing but I guess it’s been around a bit and at least it will ‘get me to the church on time’ on Sunday (I hope)! xxx 🙂

      1. Well, I’m glad that you are okay and all – and you have such a wonderful sense of humour – and you express that side of yourself very well when you write. I hope you appreciate that side/aspect of yourself Ellie – it’s a great thing – as are you. 🙂
        Hugs to you xxxx

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