This is a very honest, open blog which is going to be difficult to write but I need to get it out of my system without involving anyone else in my ‘non-cyber’ world so please bear with me although I know there is a lot to read. Thank you. All names have been changed to protect identities. 

little girl crying (for blog)

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I was sickened to hear that my son, *Tom* arrived at the nursery to collect my granddaughter, *Lily* (2) and was horrified to see her being put into another couple’s car! He ran to the car, grabbed Lily from the back seat, held her close and was comforting her when suddenly he was attacked by the woman who had attempted the abduction. She kicked him, tore at his skin with her nails, punched him in the face, spat at him and swore loudly, all while Lily was in his arms. She screamed in fear while her daddy tried to defend himself and protect her by putting his arm out to stop the blows. People gathered round them, at first thinking that my son was the abductor so trying to take the child from him. With all the commotion, the nursery teacher came out and saw what was happening and confirmed that Tom was indeed the father and then the police were called. The woman accused him of assault, saying he had struck out at her. However, there were charges of assault and attempted abduction etc made and at least there was evidence and witnesses there.”

The woman who attempted to abduct Lily was, believe it or not, my daughter-in-law’s ‘evil’ aunt, *PL* and I don’t say that lightly or for any other reason other than that she has always and constantly interfered with my son and his wife’s marriage and relationship and is continually insulting Tom and putting him down when in actual fact, he is by far the better parent and both the children are much closer to my son than their mother, Kate, who constantly ignores her daughter and son. PL has also been rude to me on the two occasions I’ve had the ‘pleasure’ of meeting her! She is at Tom and his wife’s house everyday, interfering and trying to take over the care of Lily and my baby grandson, *Josh*. My daughter-in-law, *Kate* is so very dependant on her aunt’s ‘help’ and takes very little responsibility for her children’s care and welfare.

Tom and Kate’s relationship has been gradually breaking down for some time now but PL has made the situation worse. PL is known for her violence as she constantly verbally and physically abuses her husband, *A* who is unfortunately the victim and doesn’t say much to anyone. This happens in front of Lily and Josh too and I, for one, don’t want my little grandchildren to witness this abuse and grow up thinking this is normal and acceptable behaviour. Kate also verbally abuses my son too, regularly referring to him as an idiot or an imbecile and worse and this is also in front on the children but he is able to defend himself without being offensive back.  It is all so very wrong and very damaging to my grandchildren and I feel helpless to not to be able to offer practical help and support, being so very far away.

It’s all so horrible, so nasty and has now involved the police, Social Services, charges and accusations of assault, abuse, abduction etc which are having to be dealt with in court with solicitors etc. Kate has gone to live with her aunt PL and uncle A, where she frequently stayed anyway on the condition that they don’t leave the country; (They have had their passports confiscated). Tom has been given compassionate leave for a month while he fights for custody of our precious Lily and Josh. There was a preliminary court hearing where the judge temporarily awarded care of the children to Kate during the week at her violent aunt and uncle’s home, with Tom having them for the weekends in the family home (where at least they’ll be safe). There will be further hearings at the end of September or the middle of October this year.

I am so shocked and upset by all this and desperately worried about Tom, Lily and Josh as you can imagine. The legal systems in this country stinks!!

God, this was so hard to write! Thank you for your patience and interest if you have read this far, Ellie xxx


  1. Oh Ellie – I can’t imagine the shock, horror and pain you must feel as all of this has unfolded. And your poor grandchildren – they are the true victims in all of this – and I pray God that as this continues to unfold – that the authorities and social services really investigate properly – and “see the light” – because to be involved in such a heinous situation – it is so difficult and emotionally challenging and draining for everyone.

    Sending you lots of positive light, love and prayers – for you and your family.
    Ellie XXX

  2. Thank you, Mj. It is all so frightening. Unfortunately, although the authorities and social services are being really supportive, judges in family law courts are often known to be unfair and to favour the mother, however bad a parent she may be. This is what is really worrying, and we won’t know the outcome till towards the end of September now which seems like an eternity away. It is all emotionally exhausting. Thank you so much for thinking of us. Hugs, Ellie xxx

    (P.S. Thank you for your email. I will reply as soon as I am able. Thank you so much for your support – it means a hell of a lot to me xxx).

  3. oh my this is absolutely awful ellie! Sending my support your way! The poor kids and poor tom! She seems like a right bitch excuse my french! So too does CC. XX Carol anne

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