He would have you believe him and trust him implicitly

but the cut of his cloth hides the secret within

His tainted soul, disguised by his bleached white tongue

that fools the fool and tricks his own blood kin.

Haunted by guilt and his harrowing dreams

he seeks out the innocent, untainted and pure

He draws them in ink and paints them in deepest black

infuses his poison, slain swiftly and sure.

With no sign of a grimace nor a smile on his lips

with emotions like charcoal, hot bitumen and tar

His eyes scowl and glint like the blades of sharp knives

Leaving a wound and so jagged a scar.

He feeds on the danger and is brazenly villainous

is out for the kill though there is no parole

He’ll never know solace and he’ll never know peace

as the devil has stolen his mind and his soul.

11 thoughts on “THE VILLAIN

  1. That’s another powerful piece of writing. He sounds like a sinister fellow to me. For some reason, your description makes me think of Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights.

    1. Thanks, Bun. Yes, he is rather sinister – he’s based on a character in my life who is only worthy of a description such as this! It’s not often I feel this way about a person
      but I guess expressing my feelings in a descriptive but anonymous way feels safe. Hopefully, I’ll write something cheerful next! x

    1. Hiya Meghan 🙂 How wonderful to have you pop in again – I’ve just seen your post and was so pleased to see you back (even if it’s only occasionally) – I’ve missed you ❤ I'm doing ok on the whole – have struggled a bit lately but I'm getting there 🙂 . So good to know that God is bringing strength, joy and healing to you life. Would love to 'see' more of you on WP again. Big {{{Hugs}}}, Ellie xxx ❤

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