shadow on the wall

I see a shadow in the mirror that I barely recognise

But a stranger in my room? No, I think not

But then, could I be mistaken? I’m not sure if I’d know

So, I carefully take aim and fire a shot


There’s a scream to be heard but is it him or is it me?

Is he wounded, lying bleeding on the floor?

Does my heart possess a scar or open wound to see?

Or does he creep very quietly out the door?


But, it’s late now; nearly black and the night is pulling in

Can you see him? Is he hiding out the back?

I am cautious, naturally; almost scared to take a look

Is he sane; a simple fool; a maniac?


There’s a monster in my mirror, and he’s staring back at me

Leave politely, shut the door and go away!

He won’t listen to my pleading, and he doesn’t hear me cry

Now it’s dark, and he’s bedded down to stay



8 thoughts on “SHADOWS IN THE MIRROR

    1. Thanks, Mick. ‘Oscar Pistorius’! 🙂 As for your question as to whether it is a personal poem … it’s partly based on Carl Jung’s ‘The shadow side’ – The rest, I’ll leave to your imagination!! 😀

  1. I’m guessing from the hint you gave to Mick that the stranger is an aspect of yourself. That interpretation would fit with the mirror too. Whatever the meaning, though, it was a powerfully written poem, Ellie.

    1. Thanks, Bun. I think we all have a ‘stranger’ side (in more senses than one). I feel a lot of my thought (as opposed to action) is governed by my emotions which, wherever they originated from have resulted, (along with some external factors), in my diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder. The most common cause (in 80% of cases) of BPD is having suffered serious or major childhood trauma (as in my case). The whole field of psychology is unending and quite fascinating to me.

      I have written a lot of poetry over the years (well before I started blogging and from childhood) and had two books published under a pseudonym – the last one was published in 2012. I don’t particularly like either of them now as they are both ‘darker’ than I would like them to be. They are both autobiographical, reflecting my very damaged childhood. I have thought, on a few occasions, of including some of my earlier poems into my blog but I think that some of my followers might find them quite shocking.

      I am indeed, a very complicated and somewhat troubled soul, my friend x

      1. I know from your previous posts that you had a highly traumatic childhood, Ellie. Since your poetry in the books dealt with those issues, I’m not sure how it could possibly be anything but a bit dark at times.

        Incidentally, I didn’t know that you’d already had a couple of books published. That’s a very impressive achievement. (About 98.5% of the people on WordPress dream of doing the same thing.) 🙂

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