A simple poem …

reach-for-the-stars be careful where you tread

If I want you to, would you love me true,
like it’s going out of fashion?
If I cry a tear and you’re not aware,
do you think I’ve no compassion?


Did my embryo choose to live and grow
so it came to some fruition?
If I seem quite thin when you look within,
would you think it’s malnutrition?


If I ask you to, would you stick like glue
and be right there by my side?
If I seem too quiet, do you think you might
just wonder if I’d crept off and died?


If I can’t walk far and can’t reach the stars,
do you think it’s an accident?
If I shiver and shake, do you think that it’s fake
as I seem so diffident?


If I’m slow to get going, I wonder if you’re knowing
why I like my solitude.
Do you seem nonplussed, I have issues with trust?
Do you know I’m not being rude?


If it’s been a while since you saw me smile
do you imagine what’s in my head?
Will you stop and think why I’m on the brink?
Please be careful where you tread.



  1. It’s easy to misunderstand how people feel or what they’re thinking. I guess we could all do with showing a little more charity in our interpretation of the behavior and motives of others and not simply jump to conclusions. 🙂

    1. I’m sorry for the late response, Bun. Your comment somehow ended up in my Spam folder … very strange. Thank you for your comment, though – I appreciate your words. I think, often, I am just a little too sensitive when it comes to emotions and feelings x

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