About Me

Hi and welcome. I’m Ellie and I’ve been blogging for a couple of years now. I am an amateur writer of poetry, my thoughts and feelings about myself and my life’s happenings. My loves are – my family, friendship, writing and drinking coffee and I’m interested in philosophy, art, music, mental health, language and conversation,

I was born in London in the UK and grew up in a very abusive and dysfunctional family. I also have mental health issues which I’m not afraid to say, namely Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), also called Emotional Intensity Disorder (EID), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and mild Dissociative Disorder along with a fair list of other issues which I’m still dealing with in therapy. I have done so for a long period of time due to my early damaging experiences. Some therapy has been good, some bad but at the moment I’m with a therapist I find very good and she is helping me to move forward with my life. I’ve written a lot about my past as is clear from my early posts back in 2014 and some of 2015. Now, I prefer to write about how I feel in the present.

I keep busy most of the time – I attend college three days a week. I’m currently studying psychology, mental health practices and mixed-media art. I also attend general church services and activities and occasionally meet up with a friend for coffee or a vegetarian lunch. In term-time I work part-time, voluntarily, helping teach students at my local University about mental health care practices using my experience as a service user.

I’m generally content despite having a serious physical disability which requires having carers come in and help with my physical care needs – they’re a great bunch. I’m also a pretty good operator of my electric wheelchair, George, and can do a quite impressive 360-degree turn in a tight corner!

So, that’s me really. You have to take me as you find me – sometimes up and positive, sometimes down and very introspective; sometimes sensible and clear-thinking and at other times a bit scatty and muddled!

Anyhow,  you are very welcome here at my blog; I hope you stay awhile and I look forward to making new friends.

By the way, I’m a great believer in hugs and their healing power so here is one heading your way now (if you’re in need of one) … {{{HUG}}} … Ellie x 🙂

25 thoughts on “About Me

    1. I feel very touched by your message. I should thank you too for all the caring support you give me. You are a very valuable member of this bloggers’ community. I will definitely connect with your new blog – i feel honoured that you have asked me. Sending you healing love and hugs, my friend xxx

  1. My, Friend, I read your new blog right the way through and can identify with so much of it, it’s almost like looking in a mirror, especially the mom transference parts. I had a similar relationship with a therapist for 8 years but again, it all ended in tears (mine, that is,not hers). You have been through one hell of a lot and have no need to be ashamed of anything you did. It was your only way to survive. You are definitely not ‘stupid’, ‘crazy’ or ‘weird’. If anything, it was those around you who deserved those labels. I coped with my abuse triggering off shameful orgasms, and then endlessly tried to repeat that feeling, guiltily, by myself too so you are not alone and i daresay there are many more who would like to brave enough to tell people. I have so much respect for you . Huge, huge HUGS for you, and love to you for the courage you have shown in this blog xxx

  2. Nice to read about you..and wish you a very happy time in future as compared to your experienced at your childhood..!
    As well as very welcome on my blog too..!
    Stay blessed and live around me.. 🙂

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